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About Archana

Archana Arora-Clinical Dietitian and Fitness expert in Dubai

Archana Arora, being a certified dietitian holds a post-graduate degree in Food & Nutrition. Her experience over 22 years in various renowned health and wellness clinics, fitness industries gave her an understanding that genetics is only 30% of the health equation, with lifestyle choices being the other 70%. Her approach is holistic and complements mainstream medical practice.

“Be Conscious what you EAT
Be Conscious what you DO
Be Conscious what you THINK
for Healthy & Happy Life.”

Archana’s way of uprooting the cause of any lifestyle disease by transforming the attitude & eventually modifying the lifestyle behavior is making her outstand in the field of nutrition science.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide you a healthy base with nutritious meals; to enable each one of you to focus on healthy lifestyle and positive thinking to stay fit today and in future.

Our Mission

To craft meals based on nutrition science that: CONSUMERS recommend to family and friends, PHYSICIANS recommend for their patients, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and COMMUNITIES seek for health now and for future generations.

 A healthy note…

Today, we eat for convenience, not for health. The hard reality is that most of the convenient packaged processed foods that appeal to our taste buds are devoid of natural nutrients and loaded with additives. Consumption of these foods has created an imbalance in the microbial ecosystem of our guts. The day to day stress, sleep deficiency also affects gut’s micro biota’s structure & activity.

Disruption in gut ecosystem is one of the major factors responsible for IBS, metabolic or neurological disorders and cancer.

The desire for healthy life lies in consuming real, wholesome, and natural food containing variety of vitamins and minerals. Incorporating natural probiotic food in daily diet can prevent from a host of illnesses. The key to being healthy is to lead a simple and content life as our grandparents did.

Our brain is like a computer, so install positive thoughts & delete negative ones for better health. Mitigate your health struggles with a simple, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

Start your journey to health by booking an appointment to know what we need to do to live a healthier life. Your perseverance& our guidance will surely pave your way to achieve your health goals and to enhance the quality of life.

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