Detoxing Negative Pent-up Emotions

We often find in a tight corner situation compelling to reflect. We reflect with emotions that are mostly negative; sentiments like disturbed mind, anger, frustration, hopelessness, prompt us for a periodical emotional detox benefiting everyone. In a bid to fight this emotional disorder, we get stuck in a certain phase by suppressing our feelings within ourselves and get angry. Instead, a strong emotion takes control of us by making it difficult to move to vulnerable motions like grief. It requires tremendous efforts to release anger and experience forgiveness.

Pent-up feelings, fixed emotional patterns and traumas can be eliminated by an emotional detox. Instead, create space to add love, kindness, joy and trust by getting rid of your negativity that contributes to anger, annoyance, fear, disgust.

Emotional detox can be achieved in the following way

Probe the root cause

Keep a tab of the traumatic experiences; categorize by jotting down issues, questions, words or phrases and start writing without conscious thought and without being judgmental. Ask yourself the reason for getting agitated. Continue this detox exercise until you comprehend to your satisfaction before proceeding further.

Remove negative emotions through meditation & visualization

Next step is to deeply reflect and meditate. This toxic need to be experienced and released with the help of different guided meditations but listening to soothing music and imagining self in a serene ambience with blooming flowers makes a change even in a negative emotional situation.

Forgiveness is the best medicine

If you do not forgive the offender, the emotional baggage may return, and you may have to work at it all over again. The cycle will not break until pardoned which is difficult. You are at peace and ready to move on without any past trauma.

Experience a blissful emotion and feel light, bright and free to rejoice life!

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