Develop Clean Eating Habits With Custom Diet Nutrition Meal Plan

Like clothes, your diet needs to be tailored too!
For those who want a perfect balance between food and lifestyle, we are here for you with customized nutrition plan.

Is Personalized Diet Plan right for you?

Every person is different, yet so many diets are the same. If you have been thinking about starting a customized diet program, eat conscious is a great place to start.
When you register with us, our dietician first understands about your goal, lifestyle, medical history and any food intolerance or allergies, in order to make your plan truly your own. We want you to eat right and live bright that’s why you need us.

Does my food preference matter while meal planning?

Personalized meal plans are designed just for you. We keep in mind, that meal should be pleasure, that’s the reason we do take into consideration your food preferences, thus we have included your favourite biryani, pizza and burgers. We assure you that after trying our meal plans you will rate our recipes as ‘healthilicious’.
We have many recipes crafted by professional chefs to meet your specific needs and to keep balance of taste & health.

Dietary Modifications

When setting up your meal plan, we take note of any health concerns, even family history that you may have. We don’t do dietary restrictions but replace with suitable alternatives. Your meal is planned specific to your personal needs.

Do you personalize the meals based on the genetic makeup?

We now know that different individuals metabolize the same nutrients differently based on their genetic makeup. For example, responses to starch, cholesterol, and even caffeine vary among individuals.
If you want to know how genes and nutrients interact at the cellular level for you. Decode your DNA from your saliva sample, to determine what nutrients and what exercise is right for you. To know more consult our certified dietician.

What benefits you get by customized meal plan?

  •      Feel better, look better
  •      Healthy skin, hair & nails
  •      Improved mood and memory
  •      Good quality of sleep
  •      No more cravings

Bottom line DNA the key scientific driver of personalized nutrition

A custom diet nutrition meal plan is a great way to maintain health today and tomorrow. A special plan designed FOR YOU can make a significant difference in your life.

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