Eating Healthy A Science & An Art

Eating is a necessity but eating healthy is an art & a science.

For those who consider themselves as nutrition savvy, they believe healthy eating is to include healthy proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy regularly. Though each of these aspects may contribute to healthy eating, they however do not provide the whole picture.

Eating a healthy diet is not as simple, it is an applied science that focuses on the right portions and proportions of nutrient-dense foods!

Healthy eating is a pattern of eating; that supports the best possible physical, mental and emotional health.

It is all about being conscious of combining different foods to meet your daily needs for nutrients and energy.

Healthy eating is the way we interact with, and approach food in our lives. It includes having a positive relationship with food, enjoying your food, and feeling comfortably satisfied after eating.

It means taking pleasure in food as a part of celebrations and culture. It includes eating foods occasionally without feeling guilty just for the sheer pleasure of their taste.

Healthy eating is an art that fits together various food groups like a puzzle to meet nutritional needs without exceeding limits for saturated fats, added sugars, sodium, and total calories.

It is a science that uses the dietary guidelines based on the latest available science evidences that

  • Examine relationships between the overall diet, including its constituent foods, beverages, and nutrients, and health outcomes.
  • Assesses how well various combinations and amounts of foods from all food groups would result in healthy eating patterns that meet nutrient needs

Our expert dietitians use their nutrition science knowledge, experience & keep an eye on latest researches in the nutrition field to make healthy eating easy for you and your loved ones. They devise diverse food choices to cater to the multinationals in UAE, so that you can choose the meals based on your cultural & personal preferences.

At Eatconscious, we treat healthy eating plate as a model & use nutrition software to design meals that provide approximate relative proportions of each of the food groups to meet the nutritional needs and help meet the individual’s health & fitness goals.

Let nutrition experts manage your health with real, natural foods. Reduce the dependency on medicines and nutrition supplements to manage your health.  Invest in your health by signing up for Eatconscious scientific meal plans to stay fit and healthy today and tomorrow.

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