Ramadan Meal Plan

Ramadan Plan

“Cleanse & Transform your body physically & physiologically"

Take advantage of this Ramadan firstly to enhance yourselves spiritually, and then to kick-start your fitness journey and get in shape through the numerous health and weight loss benefits of fasting. Ramadan fasting is a natural detox & a kind of intermittent fasting – that is controlled within a set number of hours – allows the body to burn fat cells more effectively.


  1.  Great way to detoxify & cleanse your body
  2. Helps us to lose that extra weight with little effort.
  3. Reduces the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and insulin resistance and immune disorders,
  4. Slows the aging process and enhance the potential to increase maximum life span
  5. May Help to Overcome Addictions
  6. It allows to practice self-discipline, self-control

Price: 1775 for 20 days

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