Engage Kids and Manage Well Being During Pandemic

Children are out of school, and parents are working from home. On a whole, the way we live has totally changed and we do not know for how long this will go on. So while the adjustments continue, there are crucial areas that needs to be considered- our diet, exercise & our thoughts.

Kids are energetic & make sure their energies are channelized properly. Best activities for the kids to be active are dance competition or skipping a rope, that would excite them, exhaust them & help them sleep better and eat better. For their emotional & mental health, cuddle them, listen them or laugh over a silly movie while enjoying a bowl of popcorn. Engaging yourself with kids will have a great health-promoting impact especially when you are worried for uncertain future.

To boost your happy hormone, do some indoor activities like yoga, dance or try online classes. If you’re completely out of ideas for activities to keep yourself and your roomies entertained while being trapped in the house-Pull out those dusty board games, cards, and puzzles to keep you occupied.

And if you’re on quarantine, go virtual! Play a multiplayer video game; participate in a communal puzzle online. It’ll make the time go by quickly.  It is also the prime time for you to get out of 24-hour cycle, whether it is listening podcast or reading new books and Quran.

Eating serve as a welcome distraction from challenging life realities and a self-soothing coping mechanism during uncertain times. keep in mind eating healthy isn’t all about eating more fruits & vegetables, it is about balance of macro & micro-nutrients. Consuming balanced meals with included immune boosting foods can help strength the immunity to prevent & fight any kind of infection that we are exposed now. Sign up for our newly launched immunpro plan to stay healthy today & in future.

If you are missing out spending time with your local community during Ramadan, there are many options to partake in online. Mosques and organizations around the UAE are putting together virtual classes, lectures, and community prayers that you can join from home.

Are you worrying about when, what & how to cook healthy during this Ramadan?

Leave everything on us, we deliver Delicious Nutritious healthy meals made with utmost hygiene & love loaded with all goodness of nutrients. No need to buy ingredients, no wastage as we provide Just right for You to stay healthy. Family packages also available.

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