Fad Diet Chasing A Mirage or Lifestyle Change

One would come across hundreds of dietary solutions on online portals to keep one’s health in good condition, but are these courses and remedies effective? It is a moot point.

Fad diets are just that. Rapid weight loss leads to equally rapid weight gain. There’s no evidence that fad diets are effective in long term.

You heard the saying “you are what you eat”….it is a very true statement.

Sometimes, fad diets can be helpful in losing excess weight (mostly muscle & water weight); the results could be temporary and also devastating. The lost weight can even backfire after the diet schedule is over and the normal eating habits get restarted. That’s why it’s important to follow nutritionally balanced program to get permanent results.

While talking on fad diet, it might be tempting to quit carbs, dairy or another food group altogether. … that allows attaining instant weight loss.  The fad diet schedule includes a diet plan, a collection of pills, cleanse etc.  Some even include non-invasive instruments. The people get excited to follow these fad diets for quick fixes, but at what cost?

It has been found that, these fad diets cut out key foods.  Normally, fad diets include low carb diet, high protein diet, juice diet, keto diet, raw food diet etc. These diets often become unsustainable because they place limits on the food variety and amount, which can cause cravings and hunger that leads to weight fluctuations.

It is not a secret that the results from fad diets look impressive but by following such diets have many unpleasant side effects such as bad breath, bone loss, constipation, deficiency of nutrients(vitamins and minerals), muscle loss, hair loss, metabolism slow down, headaches and poor sleep.

To sum up, fad diets are always enticing and appealing too because they offer speedy weight loss.  Apart from the fact that these diets come at the expense of one’s physical health. The psychological impact is equally alarming.

It’s better to scrap fad diet & have long term lifestyle change.

Lifestyle changes are more efficient and healthy rather than just dieting for certain amount of time. You negotiate what you are willing to do. So, the choice and goal must be your own-not influenced by others. Therefore the conversion begins-

  • Realistic changes
  • Slow progress, yet stays for long
  • No need to be influenced by a third party for long-term success
  • Restrain and self-control
  • Less risk of getting lifestyle diseases
  • If you stop, your weight actually maintains
  • Feel good from within (better mood, sleep, memory)
  • Beginning of new life full of spirit
  • The health of next generation!

In conclusion, there is no short cut to dieting that is going to help you to achieve your overall health goals. All it takes is professional support and some small changes to make a big lasting difference. Exercise is another very important component of a healthy lifestyle. Get away with quick temporary fixes for good. You are worth it!

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