How Emotions Affect Our Immune Response

It’s not just our eating habits or lifestyle choices that are vital for optimising health. Positive mind-set has a remarkable impact on our health. The positive view of life not only determines the types and amount of foods we choose, the lifestyle choices we make but also our body’s physiological response to these, says

Our mind-set is the strongest and most useful power we possess. This power consists of our thoughts. The thoughts that pass through our mind are responsible for everything that happens in our life. The way we perceive and interpret these predominant thoughts influence our behavior and attitude and control our actions and reactions.

A positive mindset is the basis of positive lifestyle choices that promotes good physical health and contributes to our emotional and social well-being.

As said by Mahatma Gandhi “A man is but a product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.”

Our life is like a roller coaster. During our life journey we come across steep inclines and descents, sharp curves and sudden changes of speed and direction and the ride can be scary or adventurous depending on the rider’s mindset. If a person is afraid, he feels nauseated, dizzy, or unsafe in response to fear. On the other hand, if he is excited to take a ride, he feels happy and energetic due to the adrenalin rush that increases blood flow and oxygen in the body contributing to a SUPER HIGH feeling. This example clearly illustrates that our body behaves according to our mindset.

Unfortunately, our mind has ANTs (Autonomous negative thoughts). In fact, our body listens and responds to this negative clutter by creating certain chemical reactions that affects every cell altering the biochemical profile of the body dramatically.

How we experience every situation depends on us. Our cells are constantly processing and metabolizing our thoughts and  experiences according to our personal views.  If we are prepared and confident before our exam or interview, we can get a good sleep; on the other hand, if we are nervous, our mind is overactive and won’t switch off resulting in a lack of sleep.

Before entering the examination hall, our heart beats fast, we sweat. That means communication between our mind and body is constantly going on. Consistent tress may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. How rapidly or slowly we recover from stress, depends entirely on our attitude and will have a positive or negative impact on our health. A negative attitude can weaken our immune system.

In a study by Graham-Engeland and team, it was found that individuals who experienced negative moods several times per day for extended periods of time tended to have higher levels of inflammation biomarkers in their blood.

The scientists also noted that if they collected blood samples from participants soon after they had experienced a negative emotion such as sadness or anger, inflammation biomarkers were at a high level in the blood.

However, experiencing positive moods  even for a short while before the collection of a blood sample  was associated with lower inflammation levels. These inflammation markers are high in patients with arthritis, Coronary artery disease, Irritable bowel syndrome and cancer patients.

Similarly, the way we think about our health has real implications on healing and can change our health outcomes. In a study done on a group of cancer patients who had accepted the condition positively and had a fighting spirit, there was a speedy recovery as compared to the other group who interpreted it as a deadly disease and displayed a slower response to the treatment and lost the battle even if they had been diagnosed and began treatment at an earlier stage.

Unpleasantness is happening from within us, so change from within. Just imagine, it is easier for us to walk with comfortable shoes even on a rocky road. Whereas it’s difficult for us to walk on a smooth road if there is a pebble inside our shoe. The one pebble inside our shoe is the negative thought that makes our life terrible, not the external challenges.

FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA:  Always try to represent yourself as happy, because initially it becomes your look, but gradually,


•▶ Accept the unpleasant experience – Acceptance is a skill and rejections are a part and parcel of every individual’s life. Develop the skill of acceptance.

•▶ Ignite the momentum – Staying stagnant is not going to help change the situation at all. If you want to get out of a tough situation, you should
come up with a new plan of action to turn the situation around, and then just do it.

•▶ Diary / Journal writing – Note down the unpleasant event, later on most probably you realize that unpleasant interaction or experience was casting an overshadow for the enjoyable moment later.

•▶ Transform the perception – Look at failures as lesson; not as problem. We need to understand that whatever happens, there is no good or bad, they are just circumstances. It is our perceptions that make the situation negative.

•▶ Tune to Almighty – For the situations that are beyond your control, best is to surrender to God & trusting Him to guide you to what’s best in all of your decisions & follow the path shown by Him.

•▶ Encounter the challenge as adventure – Anticipate in the challenge as adventure rather taking challenge as an excuse to quit. Redefine F.E.A.R as Face everything and Rise. Say to yourself everyone has ability to turn challenge into adventure provided they take the risk.

•▶ Trick the brain by reframing the thought. (You cannot change a person or situation, but you can change the way you think.). Interpret No as Next opportunity.

•▶ Understand the power of mind – If you allow negative thoughts to grab hold of your mind which develops into negative attitude & will lead you to make negative decisions that will affect your life in negative ways.

A simple mindset shift can help us to stay healthy and happy. Affirmations are a powerful tool to reverse negative thoughts and reprogram your beliefs, behavior and actions. Choose to develop and maintain a positive attitude and approach in life to become and remain healthy and happy.

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