How to Stay Healthy While Working at Home

Allaying the COVID-19 pandemic many of us are now working from home. For first few days it may feel like dream come true wherein you are eliminating your commute, taking naps whenever you want, attending a conference call in your pyjamas. On the other hand, Lack of interaction with colleagues, no structured breaks and the distractions of being on your home turf can quickly turn your working from home dream into a nightmare.

Follow these tips that will help you develop an effective working from home & maintaining good physical, mental & emotional health while staying indoors.

Make a schedule:- Try to follow the same routine with some flexibility. Impose a schedule,blocking in the hours you’ll work and the breaks you’ll take. Get dressed for work that set up the mood to work.

Create your own workspace:- Assign a room or a desk from where you’ll specifically work that is not your bed or the sofa.

Consider goals you want to achieve:- Create a healthier work environment to focus on what matters and get things done.

Connecting via technology :- To interact with your colleagues or to regular check-in with your team you can message, call or can-do video conference.

Set Boundaries:- It’s about actively taking measures to create a clear divide between work & home life. After finishing a task, prepare your meal that provide you the opportunity to switch off naturally and unwind.

Make healthy food choices:- It’s all too easy to slip into bad eating habits during the voluntary social distancing and enforced staying at home for long periods. Rather at this crucial time, we should consume healthy food in order to boost our immunity. It’s wise to consume the fresh or frozen foods that are packed in zinc, magnesium, Vitamin E, C & B6.

If you’re prone to mindless grazing, it might be a good idea to check in with yourself before eating specially during self-quarantine period. Are you really hungry or are you feeling bored or emotional? You may be dehydrated; drink water & wait for few minutes before opening your fridge.

Be Active:- In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, all health clubs & fitness centers are closed; but you can try online exercise classes or dance or just do some muscle strength & balance training. This means keeping active, in whatever capacity you can, will be vital to your physical and mental health.

Stay connected with your family & friends:- Man is a social animal. Staying in isolation can often have a detrimental impact on mood. It’s likely to give rise to mental health issues such as anxiety & depression.
Even when you can’t see your family & friend in person, use technology to feel connected.
Keep kids occupied- If you have kids at home, you can keep them occupied with audio books, educational cartoons, documentaries, and arts and crafts.

Be aware of your distractions:- Being distracted is a bad habit and should be handled to make use of your time wisely. Use these apps like freedom, self-control or stay Focused that block distracting web content or everything that invites procrastination.

Whether you’re delighted to be home working, or are apprehensive at the prospect, it’s something many of us will soon get good at by following above said strategy.

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