Some tested tips to stay healthy & fit during festive season

Festival time is the time for merry-making and to partake some deliciously rich dishes. Festivals carry many calories along with enjoyment. Throwing caution to the winds during festivities, one devours food with excitement even without caring about one’s health, as the deliciously prepared food and desserts are too tempting to resist.  Even a health-conscious freak may fall prey to the assortment of elaborate sweets on display.

While we can expect some changes in our lifestyle, read fashion statement and style, during festivals, the delicious sweets contribute to gaining weight as the variety of food items are hard to resist. However, you can discern what to eat during the festivities by keeping a balance of healthy and unhealthy choices.

Take a peek at the five tips offered for staying fit as a fiddle during a festive season-

Some Tested Tips to Stay Healthy & Fit During Festivity

Avoid Helping a Second Round

Irrespective of the temptation, avoid a second serving to stay fit.  Eventually, you will enjoy the food, when you take your own sweet time eating the first serving and you feel nimble having not overeaten.  In this way, you end up finishing your food slowly and steadily just like the others around you do. You will also get the feeling that you had a sumptuous meal like others, yet you feel light at the belly. Eating slow and gently by relishing the taste will lead to better digestion; you will actually realize you are full up even without feeling uncomfortably over-stuffed.  You will know when to stop eating which is always the best way to keep a check on overeating.

Avoid Skipping Meals

In order to devour the choicest buffet dishes in the evening, it is not a good idea to skip meals during the day. By doing so, your metabolism goes for a toss; as far as possible, let the system work as regularly as it should be.  You need to stick to the routine of having three well-balanced meals a day. Keep your lunches and breakfast well-planned and healthy.  Besides, most social gatherings do not disrupt these meals. This will ensure that you are getting all the nutrition you need from these two meals.

Keep Hydrated – Consume Lots of Water

This is an ideal way of keeping oneself fit, but normally, we seem to forget this thumb rule. It is mandated that drinking a glass of water at regular intervals helps in flushing out the toxins, curing any ailments and hunger feelings at odd times. Besides, keeping the body hydrated and healthy, water also works well on a bad hangover!

Curtail On Alcohol Consumption

It has become a trend, of late, that during any festivities, alcohol and assorted liquor drinks seem to find its way in almost every celebration or event. The liquor calories are never taken under consideration; all the same, they can be one of the factors that would linger on you the most, in a way.  This could be for enjoyment and relaxation, however; excess toxic in your body is a health hazard…any time.

Setting Realistic Routines

During the ongoing festivities, it may not be possible to stick to your exercise regimen.

Religiously, set yourself realistic goals that can be practically attained and will also make you feel contented.  You make take a half an hour walk a day, thrice a week that will leave you feeling happy and relaxed.  Keeping in line with your social commitments, you still need time and not miss out on the fun; but even during socializing, remember about your workout ethic for a healthy you!

A good balance between exercise and food intake is vital for maintaining healthy body weight.

So pledge to get healthier and develop healthy eating habits!

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